Young People’s Zone

Delivering Relevant Skills Makes All The Difference

young people

  • By delivering core subjects (Maths, English and Science), as well as focusing on developing their vocational skills through apprenticeships and mentoring programmes, we will teach young people a craft that will be useful to the local community.
  • This not only helps them to gain employment when they graduate but also allows Sierra Leone to become a vibrant and self-sufficient country that is less reliant on external aid in the long-term.
  • The learning, research and sanitation programmes have been running successfully for over seven years, but without permanent premises, their future cannot be secured.
  • Now the second phase is to construct a new school building that will expand the charity’s scope and help provide education for 500 children, and provide full-time employment for six teachers, volunteers and teaching assistants.  This will ensure sustainable learning and improve the quality of the education that we provide.
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