WCC Book Clubs – Sierra Leone

World Changing Centre Charity actively sponsors a network of children’s reading book clubs run in schools in Sierra Leone to encourage reading for pleasure. WCC book clubs are run by teachers, and volunteers – people who are passionate about reading and impacting children’s lives in the Community.

WCC book clubs help any child, working with them to improve their confidence and reading proficiency through talking about books, and also to encourage them to read more widely. We also work with targeted groups, to engage and sustain reading recovery, with talented children to support a transition from Nursery school to Primary school.

Reading for pleasure is more important to children’s successes than education or social class. WCC Book Clubs helps gets a high number of children/young people in Sierra Leone into books to keep up their reading skills and confidence during the long holidays and breaks. Childrens’ reading groups help build and sustain a lifelong reading habit. Everything changes when we read.

How we run a WCC book club

We meet at SESCON primary School every Saturday in Sierra Leone, Freetown (see flier), a session plan (below), and books for the children to read and borrow. We offer four hours teaching sessions to children in the local community with no access to education, snacks and drinks are provided, free online resources are available for teachers which also includes children audio stories, communication and social skills games that are available for use in each session. Each teaching session lasts a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes.

A Typical Session Plan:

12 pm to 12 30 pm: 

  • read a storybook for the whole group; 15 minutes every session using photos and 3 minutes video clips.
  • During the next 15 minutes, children can choose their own books and read without any adult supervision.

12 30 pm- 1.30 pm:

  • Staff and volunteers will create small groups of children (5 or 10 in the group) as this supports individual reading and allows the teachers to better assess competency.
  • Children read short story books which start with three-letter words:

1. 30 pm – to 2 pm:

  • Children to play games/toys of their choice which helps in strengthening their social and communication skills. At WCC we raise champions and nature children.

2.30 pm – 3. 30 pm:

Staff/Volunteers to divide groups into two and support children with basic maths and English for 30 minutes each. (see teachers resources online)

Maths: Addition and subtraction (using cubes, stones or objects and grouping or separating them together). Use words like more or less.

English: Children to practice writing and sounding letters (Alphabet A-Z  for10 minutes using slates), Children should start learning to spell two letter words and above, depending on their ability.

3.30 pm to 4 pm:

Read storybook again and explain characters in the book. Children should be able to engage in group discussions and understand the full story. We review one book each week.

WCC materials to buy

  • WCC pens and wristband in store
  • Tablets, stationery, envelopes, etc.
  • Solar security lights, reading books




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