The Sierra Leone Training Team


WCC has been working with a team of college graduates by tutoring a range of learning programmes so as to provide support and enrich the minds of the children and young people of Sierra Leone since 2010 and envisages to develop a permanent team of six which includes teachers, volunteers and teaching assistants.

Tutoring programs range from working in a school during the school day, tutoring an individual child, or helping out in the class with a small group. Other programs take place before or after school offering homework help and skills instruction or enrichment. They may be located in a variety of community agencies, including places of worship and hospitals. Some programs offer special training or use particular kinds of instructional methods and materials. Other programs welcome volunteers’ own initiative. In some situations you will need to bring your own reading and writing materials and create your own lesson plans, with little training or guidance; in others, you will be given assigned books or homework and specific structures to follow. Even within one school setting, there may be a variety of approaches and expectations for volunteers, depending on the individual teachers and age of children.

Being flexible in how you approach your role as a volunteer tutor may be the key to a smooth working relationship. It will also help, if you try to find out as much as you can before you get there. Here are some questions to ask:

• Where and when does the program take place?
• Has WCC had other volunteers before? If so, can you talk with any of them?
• Will you be working with a small group, or with a single child? How often? For how long?
• What is the age of the child(ren) you will work with? What kinds of reading materials are appropriate?
• Is there someone to supervise you or to whom you report? Who will answer any questions you may have about the child or help you with scheduling or any other problems at the site?
• What are the expectations of your work?
You may know some of the answers to these questions. Others may not be clear until you get started. But thinking through these issues ahead of time should help you prepare for your first day.

Continuous Professional Development

  • We will be using a framework called ‘Outstanding Teaching’.  The skills that a teacher possesses and demonstrates are varied and often unrecognised by the teachers themselves.
  • WCC will use ‘Outstanding Teaching’ to help develop the craft of teaching and help build a culture of workforce learning.  This will become a key part of the teachers’ self-review process.
  • WCC will use it as a way of assessing skill sets and for setting an agenda for improvement.


Charity Volunteers wanted in Sierra Leone 2018-2020

WCC is looking for enthusiastic volunteers in the UK, US and Sierra Leone who are willing to make impact by involving in the activities of WCC, in order to increase the living standards of the community in Sierra Leone.

World Changing Centre (WCC) is committed to bring change in the world around us, and believes to overcome many development challenges that face Africa today by mobilizing volunteers. Many people have convinced themselves that they personally cannot create change. They believe that their government officials are only those best positioned to make a difference. This thinking has no basis in fact. It is certainly true that many dedicated government officials and those working at multilateral organizations accomplish a great many things. However, the fact is that they alone cannot solve the world’s most serious challenges without substantial public participation.

Roles and Responsibilities
• Supporting children and young people
• Fundraising and Marketing Assistance
• Community development
• Vocational skills
• Writing projects
• Agriculture

WCC seek applicants who are motivated to make a profound difference in the living standards of the people of Sierra Leone, training will be provided by the organization for this position. They will be given a chance to become highly responsible, openly communicative, mature, tenacious, creative and expeditious. There is no minimum or maximum number of hours required. There is no limit on how long volunteers can work with us. The volunteer should be flexible to work on any given day and time.

Training will be imparted by the organization to the selected candidates for the position depending up on the role assigned to him/her.

Secure Area For Teachers

All our teachers can access course materials and relevant schedules via the online portal. Although this is merely a secure support mechanism, it allows easy administration and centralised control.

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