Our Vision for the future.

At WCC, we hope to make a significant contribution to creating healthy homes via our education programs. We will be creating knowledge to action programs that will help create awareness of disease and instill new methods that will help eradicate the spread of controllable disease.

Soap, Toilets and Taps:

A Foundation for Healthy Children, How UNICEF Supports Water, Sanitation, Hygienelevel of service

UNICEF’s long-standing support to improving WASH stems from a firm conviction, based on evidence, that these interventions are central to ensuring the rights of children to survive, grow and develop into healthy and fulfilled citizens of the world.

This publication outlines UNICEF’s activities in water supply, sanitation and hygiene, showing their importance to UNICEF’s overall mission, against the perspective of the global challenge of achieving the MDGs.


Towards Effective Programming for WASH in Schools:

A manual on scaling up programmes for water, sanitation and hygiene in schools

This 2007 UNICEF – IRC joint publication is an update of the 1998 manual on water, sanitation and hygiene education in schools. It describes many of the elements needed for scaling up programmes in schools while ensuring quality and sustainability.

The manual is intended as a resource for government, UNICEF, NGOs and other stakeholders involved in programming for WASH in schools..



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