GLOBAL YOUTH PARTNERSHIPS is a consortium of Charity Organisations and individual all around the World, to promote social change by helping young people in deprived and vulnerable communities, particularly children, youths, women and other defenceless groups to include those persons with disability, Ebola survivors, drop-outs, sex workers, street kids, students etc, through various empowerment and developmental programs and projects. It campaigns for the development and reinforcement for capacity and vulnerable individuals to improve their livelihood through entrepreneurial skill training and academic excellence.


1. To establish a universal forum where great minds meet to discuss pertinent issues on youth Empowerment and development.

2. To ascertain how members in this global platform can positively contribute to the welfare of our Children and Youths.

3. To acquire first hand informations from relevant authorities.

4. To advocate locally and internationally within our reach and sphere of contact especially for the improvement on Health, Education, Livelihood and Social protection of our young people.

5. To have a representative of the partnership from all parts of the World.

6.To source for the provision of teaching and learning materials, scholarships, health facilities for our students and young people in extremely deprived communities.

7.To institute a free counselling and motivation call line for all young people.

8.To engage in Leadership, Mentorship, Internship, Skills training and Exchange Programs.

9.To set up a global force for positive Change.

10. To build an enviable forum of great young professionals and Leaders in different fields.

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