Donation Drive


Donation Drive For Sierra Leone’s Young Children

WCC believes that maximizing the learning experience of children will necessitate the provision of a complete health infrastructure. We aim to improve the quality of life of young people by improving the health and sanitation facilities and providing various educational opportunities to advance their economic prospects.

We are kindly requesting a one off or monthly to help us expand and improve our School facilities in the Eastern of Sierra Leone. The construction of additional classrooms and adjacent health centre will allow us to move to permanent premises so that many of the community’s children can gain the opportunity of a primary education for the first time. Further, they will also benefit from medical care that will help prevent their exposure to a number of potentially fatal diseases.

Project Outline – Direct Outputs

Construct a new school building containing classrooms, a kitchen, toilet facilities and bathrooms using locally sourced sand, cement and workers.

Provide primary education to 100 orphans and homeless children aged 3-14 years old.

Equip the school with educational resources such as books and stationary as well as tables, chairs and a blackboard to aid effective learning for the children.

Build an adjacent healthcare centre which is accessible to each of the community’s 15,459 inhabitants.

Offer extracurricular activities such as sporting activities and field trips.

Long-Term Beneficial Outcomes

The project aims to promote children’s development which is essential for the future of a healthy and sustainable local community. It seeks to re-build Sierra Leone’s decimated civil society by working with schools, international and local NGO partners to:

1.      Offer hope for a brighter future and a sense of purpose for some of Sierra Leone’s abandoned and forgotten children.

1.      Transform health and sanitation standards in Sierra Leone by encouraging social mobilisation and awareness-raising around disease prevention. The goal is to reduce  mortality rates through health education, supporting national health priorities, increasing immunization and preventing HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

1.      Use the power of sport to help children and parents to enhance healthy child development, foster individual talents and strengthen community partnerships. The Sport Health Programme adds value to the overall development context by offering an alternative approach to strengthen civil society through active participation.



Water Well Donation Drive

There is a desperate need of safe, clean water supply in Sierra Leone. We need donations to build five new water wells in Freetown, Sierra Leone by December 2015. Based on the research carried out in accessing the needs of the people within the community, it was clear that latrine facilities (water closets) was one of its pressing needs. The absence of this contributed to the poor living standards of resident in the locality. This was devastating as children were the most venerable and prone to sickness such as cholera, malaria tuberculosis etc. In view of this the organisation seeks to construct modern toiletry facilities to accommodate and to help mitigate the easily spread of disease which affects the locality. WCC’s intention is to build as many toilet facilities as possible in the community to protect and prevent ill health. Moreover 98% of Sierra Leone’s population lack public toilets because most of the children and young people were introduced to the bushes or streams as a source of toilet facility.

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