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Emergency Medical Shipment Drive

We have been blessed to have received almost a 40 foot container’s worth of medical goods that needs to be urgently shipped to Sierra Leone to help the fight against EBOLA…..We received a lot of donations from generous institutions within the United Kingdom that are vital in fighting off the current Ebola epedemic we currently have in Sierra Leone and WCC is doing all we can to have these supplies shipped to Sierra Leone with the utmost urgency and delivered to the right people to be utilized. We would like to have this container leave the UK early December 2015.

Here is a cross-section of the medical items we will be shipping.

Black Hairnet Healthguard Pf Vinyl Glove Blue Xlg Heavy Duty Glove~ Black~ Ex LargeHeavy Duty Glove~ Black~Medium Hgard Blue Pe Apron 27X42In 80G Ap2 Id Wristlet Write-On~Boy~BlueNitrile Glove~Pow Free~White~Ex.LgeNitrile Glv~Accel Free~Lilac~Ex.LgeNon Woven Visitors Coat 40G Whte MedPleated Chefs Toque~White~ 7.5″Pleated Chefs Toque~White~10.5″Poly Apron On A Roll~Blue~27X46Poly Theatre Apron~Green~36X59Polythene Glove~Blue~SmallShort Stretch Compression~12Cmx5Mtr So-Soft FacemaskUniversal Apron On A Roll – RedVinyl Protector~Blue~Small.

Water Well Donation Drive

There is a desperate need of safe, clean water supply in Sierra Leone. We need donations to build five new water wells in Freetown, Sierra Leone by December 2015. Based on the research carried out in accessing the needs of the people within the community, it was clear that latrine facilities (water closets) was one of its pressing needs. The absence of this contributed to the poor living standards of resident in the locality. This was devastating as children were the most venerable and prone to sickness such as cholera, malaria tuberculosis etc. In view of this the organisation seeks to construct modern toiletry facilities to accommodate and to help mitigate the easily spread of disease which affects the locality. WCC’s intention is to build as many toilet facilities as possible in the community to protect and prevent ill health. Moreover 98% of Calabatown population lack public toilets because most of the children and young people were introduced to the bushes or streams as a source of toilet facility.

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