Clean Water

 africa-water1There is a desperate need for safe water supplies in Sierra Leone.  Young people have to walk 3-4 miles every day just to fetch water needed for their households. In addition, some of the water these young people collect from the streams is sometimes unhealthy and unsafe for drinking due to upstream contamination from human faeces etc. Therefore WCC aims to construct an additional 5 water wells in the community, adding to the one already built, as a way to counter the poor water situation. WCC water well construction is currently undertaken by a developing agency in Sierra Leone.  Community self-help and fundraising also help to meet part of the cost.               

Raising Global Awareness


  • On the 15th of January 2008, experts from the field of sanitation and hygiene were generated at the British Medical Association to raise awareness on a global sanitation crisis. In the world, thousands of children are dying every day due to lack of adequate sanitation and clean water.
  • It is clear that investing in clean water sanitation generates massive returns to health, the environment and the economy.

A word from the International Development Secretary


  • The international Development Secretary, Douglas Alexander said, the world quite simply can’t afford not to invest in Water sanitation. Two fifths of the world population has no clean water to use and 5,000 children die every day because of lack of clean water.”
  • Whilst increases in overall global trade, global GDP, and foreign investment have all helped improved life expectancies and the overall standard for many in developing countries, global inequality has also grown.
  • ” The 2008 UN International year of sanitation is part of the fight to change this situation. DFID recently announced a £75m project to help sanitation to over three million poorest people, where half the population lake safe water supplies. This will build over 7,000 water point as well.
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